The group around the South African Research Chair in Marine Ecology and Fisheries (SARCHI ME&F) is concerned with developing methodology for the implementation of an ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF) in the Benguela large marine ecosystem, and more generally, methodology for a systems approach to managing human interactions with the ocean. This includes coping with, and adapting to, climate change in marine social-ecological systems.

The interdisciplinary team is led by Associate Professor Astrid Jarre and Dr Lynne Shannon.

We are affiliated with UCT’s Marine Research (MA-RE) Institute and UCT’s Centre for Statistics in Environment, Ecology and Conservation (SEEC). We are grateful for core funding by the DST/NRF South African Research Chair Initiative, and additional funding from the CEC, UCT, the NRF and UKRI/GCRF. Our professional network includes colleagues in South Africa, southern Africa and world-wide.


Monday, 12 April 2021
Just out: Two articles emanating from IMBER OSC 

Frontiers in Marine Science has been the journal of choice for publications from the IMBER Open Science Conference in Brest in June 2019. We've just got two articles out! 

Astrid has been part of a powerful team looking at the relative merits of the various system-based approaches to management of human activities in the oceans (such as EAF) and suggesting to create “quilts of sustainable ocean governance".

Louise has published the overarching approach behind her PhD research in a suite of papers from the IMBER OSC highlighting the work of early career researchers.

Publication Date:
Thu, 25 Mar 2021 - 12:45
Just out: Teaching the next generation of marine stakeholders about change

Congratulations to Greg for getting another chapter of his PhD published in the Journal of Environmental Education. In this study, which is part of our SCIFR project, Greg developed and conducted integrated modules on change in marine social-ecological systems for middle school (Gr 7-9) learners in two underprivileged schools. 

Publication Date:
Wed, 03 Mar 2021 - 10:00
Just out

Lynne is a co-author on a paper just published in PNAS this week. It is the culmination of Chapter 2’s work on Naure’s Contributions to People (NCP) for the IPBES Global Biodiversity Assessment.

Publication Date:
Tue, 08 Dec 2020 - 16:00
Just out

Congratulations to Marieke, who just had a paper published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science! It is only recently that this renowned international journal has started to open up to the human dimensions in fisheries (and their management), and Marieke is one of the first anthropologists whose work is being recognised in this way. 


Publication Date:
Mon, 07 Dec 2020 - 19:30