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Area 1: Ecosystem modelling for Management Strategy Evaluation

  1. End-to-end ecosystem models of the Benguela:

  • Ecopath with EcoSim (Lynne Shannon, Kate Watermeyer)
  • Comparative runs/evaluations with Osmose and Atlantis (Lynne Shannon,Kate Watermeyer)
  • Development of model-based ecosystem indicators (Lynne Shannon, Kate Watermeyer, Astrid Jarre)
  • EcoSpace (Lynne Shannon)
  1. Models of intermediate complexity for ecosystems research

  • Frame-based modelling (southern Benguela pelagic) (Kate Watermeyer)
  • Agent-based modelling (hake demersal trawl fishery) (Rachel Cooper)
  • Inshore ecosystems mice (kelp/abalone/rocklobster/linefish) (Laura Blamey)