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Emily Weigum

Emily completed her BSc honours with a marine biology focus in 2013 at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. Her honours thesis compared the stable isotope δ13C and δ15N signatures of fin tissue to muscle tissue for a number of freshwater fishes to investigate a non-lethal sampling method. After competing her honours degree, Emily worked as a stable isotope technician at the Stable Isotopes in Nature Laboratory at UNB.

Emily is currently an Applied Ocean Sciences Masters student working on her thesis with Lynne Shannon and Astrid Jarre as her supervisors. The aim of the study is to model the Algoa Bay food web using Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) to investigate the impact of changes in the abundance of small pelagics in the bay on the African penguin breeding colonies inhabiting the St. Croix and Bird Island groups.