The group around the South African Research Chair in Marine Ecology and Fisheries (SARCHI ME&F) is concerned with developing methodology for the implementation of an ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF) in the Benguela large marine ecosystem, and more generally, methodology for a systems approach to managing human interactions with the ocean. This includes coping with, and adapting to, climate change in marine social-ecological systems.

The interdisciplinary team is led by Associate Professor Astrid Jarre and Dr Lynne Shannon.

We are affiliated with UCT’s Marine Research (MA-RE) Institute and UCT’s Centre for Statistics in Environment, Ecology and Conservation (SEEC). We are grateful for core funding by the DST/NRF South African Research Chair Initiative, and additional funding from the CEC, UCT, the NRF and UKRI/GCRF. Our professional network includes colleagues in South Africa, southern Africa and world-wide.


Friday, 6 December 2019
Congratulations Dr Gammage!
Louise was formally capped last Friday, "for a thesis that uses structured decision-making tools in a scenario-based approach with small-scale fishers in the southern Cape, in support of improved decision-making in marine social-ecological systems under global change". Since her full citation didn't make it into the graduation booklet, we bring in here:
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Mon, 15 Jul 2019 - 21:45
Just Published: "Toward exploring possible future states of the Southern Benguela"

"Well done!!" to Emma and Lynne for their research towards assessing possible future states of the southern Benguela marine ecosystem, by combining systems modelling and an indicator-based framework for a synthetic evaluation of the results.

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Thu, 11 Jul 2019 - 18:45
2019 IMBeR Open Science Conference

Lynne delivered a very well received keynote address at the IMBeRFuture Oceans Open Science Conference in Brest, France this morning. Her address was entitled “Navigating the ocean under stress: The combined effects of fishing and environmental variability on ecosystem dynamics.” With her flight delay, we are pleased she made it in time to present!

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Tue, 18 Jun 2019 - 15:30