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Louise Gammage (Dr)

Louise Gammage is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cape Town, having completed her PhD under the co-supervision of Profs Astrid Jarre and Charles Mather (Memorial University, NL, Canada) in the SCIFR project.  Trained as an environmental geographer, Louise’s current interdisciplinary work focuses on marine social-ecological systems (SESs) and fisheries specifically within the context of South Africa. Her research, taking a systems view, focuses on using integrative and iterative methods to promote understanding of and inform decision-making in marine SESs at various scales of interaction.

Particularly, Louise’s research interests include exploring innovative methodologies, such as structured decision-making tools and participatory modelling, to (amongst others) address challenges related to scale and decision-making in complex adaptive systems; understanding drivers of change in SESs with an eye to improving present and future decision-making; and exploring ways for local stakeholders (such as fishers) to build capacity to enhance their well-being while informing governance and policy at the larger decision-making scales through the use of approaches such as scenario planning. She has experience with semi-quantitative modelling techniques (such as cognitive causal mapping and Bayesian network modelling), qualitative and quantitative data, interviews and surveys, group facilitation, scenario planning and fieldwork.


M.Sc Dissertation:  Considering One’s Options When The Fish Leave. A Case Study Of The Traditional Commercial Hand Line Fishery Of The Southern Cape(PDF)

PhD Thesis:  Development of a scenario-based approach for responding to change in fishery systems: a case study in the small-scale fisheries of South Africa’s southern Cape