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Marieke Norton (Dr)

Marieke Norton has a background in Social Anthropology, with a focus on environmental anthropology. She completed her PhD at UCT in 2014, on the topic of marine resource law enforcement in the Western Cape, as a transdisciplinary project between the Department of Social Anthropology and the SARChi ME&F.  Her personal and research interests are on the interactions between humanity and the environment, and the relations between these spheres that sustain, shape and change each other.  Her research and publications have been specifically geared towards re-thinking the relations between the natural and social sciences, in order to establish modes of collaboration that reframe the issues of climate change and sustainable development as interdisciplinary projects that support and innovate human and non-human well-being.  Her post-doc research is looking at the social benefits of the Stilbaai Marine Protected area, and investigating ways in which a sense of stewardship towards this decade-old MPA may be fostered in the adjacent community.  Marieke also holds a Masters in Social Anthropology (on the topic of marine resource governance) and a degree in Media and Film Studies, and is also currently the MAster's Programme Convenor at the African Climate Change and Development Initiative.