4th PICES Climate Change Symposium

30 May 2018 - 09:00


Lynne Shannon will be presenting her latest modelling results, which draw on fishery, ecological and environmental time series to examine temporal variability in the Southern Benguela ecosystem over the past four decades. 

The 4th International Symposium (June 2-8, 2018) will bring together experts from around the world to better understand climate impacts on ocean ecosystems – and how to respond.

Lynne will be one of the experts in the Opening Panel of this Symposium, which will be widely covered by media. She is also participate in a number of workshops around the conference. An outstanding ambassador of Benguela research!

Key Topic Areas

The Symposium is a great opportunity to share information, highlight activities, build partnerships and shape the future of this important field. 

One objective for this Symposium is to present current research results and to facilitate the uptake of these new results in other analyses, including (but not restricted to) the 6th Assessment Report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We plan a Special Volume of the ICES Journal of Marine Science and we expect that additional Special Volumes in peer-reviewed journals may emerge from this Symposium. 

Please note that authors can submit their work at any time to ICES Journal of Marine Science for the Special Volume. The Journal is very happy to receive and encourages authors to submit their work in advance of the symposium.