"As die see byt": Collaborative production experiment

26 Nov 2020 - 08:15
Above: "As die see byt" Producer Liesl Stoltz, Director Peter-John "PJ" Davids, and cast Lynelle Kenned, Bredon Daniels and Abduragman Adams in a break from rehearsals.


We are extremely excited to be collaborating with "The Rainbow Exchange" on a theatrical production based on Dr. Louise Gammages PhD research in the southern Cape, specifically the scenario stories she developed together with fishers from Melkhoutfontein. This production, "As die see byt", will be performed in Melkhoutfontein next week. Fingers firmly crossed that Covid-2019 doesn't trip us up.


The Rainbow Exchange is a unique  non-profit organisation founded by the three musicians Dr. Liesl Stoltz, Valentina Vorster and Salome van Wyk. Their objectives stem from an appreciation of the power that music has to grow us and enlarge our vision, to draw people together and to inspire action. 

The founders of the Rainbow Exchange believe that by introducing South African audiences to works from different nationalities will broaden cross cultural appreciation. The Rainbow Exchange projects are designed to reach previously marginalised communities, the youth and the elderly and others who traditionally don’t have easy access to concerts. Specifically, The Rainbow Exchange encourages inter-disciplinary collaboration by working together with academics and other performing artists.