Input to next week’s Stock Assessment Review Workshop

25 Nov 2016 - 11:45

As contribution to DAFF’s scientific basis for management advice, we have prepared three documents for the attention of the International Panel:

Sherley, R.B. 2016a. A Bayesian approach to understand the effect sizes, uncertainty and demographic impact associated with purse-seine fishing closures around African penguin colonies. Confidential document (MS for publication in the primary literature). Please contact Richard for details:

Sherley, R.B. 2016b. Additional analysis suggested in response to differences in variance estimates between Sherley (2016) and Ross-Gillespie & Butterworth (2016). Pdf available here.

Weller, F.G., Sherley, R.B., Altwegg, R., Jarre, A., Shannon, L.J. 2016. Additional perspectives for the Stock Assessment Review Panel on penguin population modelling for decision making. Pdf available here.