Just out: Globally comparative methodology for...

6 Apr 2018 - 12:00

Just out: Globally comparative methodology for assessing vulnerability of coastal communities

The Post-Doctoral research of Dr James Howard, alumni of our group, on a comparative methodology for assessing social vulnerability in a global, comparative framework has just been published in Climate & Development. 

James led the development of the methodology in the global team of authors, and used our SCIFR project as a basis for the South African case study. We are pleased that the detailed research we are conducting in SCIFR is also contributing to global efforts to reduce the risk of coastal communities to global change.

S. Aswani, J. A. E. Howard, M. A. Gasalla, S. Jennings, W. Malherbe, I. M. Martins, S. S. Salim, I. E. Van Putten, P. S. Swathilekshmi, R. Narayanakumar & G. R. Watmough. 2018. An integrated framework for assessing coastal community vulnerability across cultures, oceans and scales. Climate and Development.