Nina Rivers (Dr)

Nina Rivers completed her PhD at Rhodes University in 2015 with a focus on social learning and the socio-cultural and historical factors that mediate people’s learning of and engagement in water and food security practices in the rural Eastern Cape. After graduating Nina worked in the NGO and consulting sectors on the social dynamics of terrestrial and fresh water rehabilitation projects. With the aim of applying her social science knowledge in the marine field, she is currently completing a post-doc with the SARChi in Marine Ecology and Fisheries at UCT. Her research considers the human dimensions of the African penguin colony at Stony Point, Betty’s Bay and ways social learning theory can be applied in response to conservation challenges.

Her research interests include identifying the underlying mechanisms that both constrain and enable socio-ecological systems and the application of frameworks such as social learning and adaptive governance as a response to multifaceted and complex environmental challenges, especially within the marine field.  Nina also holds an Honours degree in Social Anthropology.