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Pierre Bourdaud (Dr)

My work is principally focused on ecosystem-based fisheries management modelling, using different ecosystem models: Ecopath with Ecosim, Ecospace, EcoTroph and OSMOSE.

After working on the development of a toolbox to validate the quality of ecosystem models, I worked on the assessment of size and trophic spectrum to characterize the health of marine ecosystems, and the definition of management targets in several European seas. This was done using ecosystem models and survey data.

My 3-year PhD project involved working on the impacts of a landing obligation on fishers’ behaviour and the resulting ecosystem dynamics in the Eastern English Channel. This was realized using commercial and survey data, different fishers’ behaviour models and OSMOSE. A major part of this PhD was to couple OSMOSE with an individual-based model of fishing behaviour, the Dynamic State Variable Model (DSVM).

After this PhD, I’ve worked for a short-term contract on the impact of climate change on a French ecosystem, the Baie de Seine, by coupling outputs from environmental niche modelling with Ecospace (a spatio-temporal ecosystem model). I’m currently working on the understanding of the potential impacts of global warming on the Southern Benguela ecosystem and the activity of purse-seiners, by coupling a pre-existing OSMOSE model of the Southern Benguela and a DSVM, and testing different global warming scenarios.