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Publications 2018

1. Papers in peer-reviewed journals

1.1 Papers published in 2018

Fu C, Travers-Trolet M, Velez L, Grüss A, Bundy A, Shannon LJ, Fulton EA, Akogly E, Houle JE, Coll M, Verley P, Heymans JJ, John E, Shin Y-J. 2018. Risky business: the combined effect of fishing and changes in primary productivity on fish communities. Ecological Modelling 368: 265-276.

Krug, C. B., Schaepman, M. E., Shannon, L. J., Cavender-Bares, J. Cheung, W., McIntyre, P. B., Metzger, J. P., Niinemets, Ü., Obura, D. O.., Schmid, B., Strassburg, B. BN., Van Teeffelen, A. JA., Weyl, O. LF, Yasuhara, M., Leadley, P. W. 2018. Observations, indicators and scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services change — a framework to support policy and decision-making. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 29:198–206.

Shannon LJ, Coll M. 2017. Assessing the changing biodiversity of exploited marine ecosystems. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 29: 89-97.

Watermeyer KE, Jarre A, Shannon LJ, Mulumba P, Botha J. 2018. Frame-based modelling of the Southern Benguela upwelling ecosystem. Ecological Modelling 371: 1–17. 


1.2. Papers accepted for publication / in press

Jarre A, Shannon LJ, Cooper R, Duggan GL, Gammage LC, Lockerbie EM, McGregor ES, Ragaller SM, Visser N, Ward C, Watermeyer KE, Weller FG, Ommer RE. 2018. Untangling a Gordian knot that must not be cut: Social-ecological systems research for management of southern Benguela fisheries. Journal of Marine Systems,, published online 11 Feb 2018.

Lockerbie EM., Lynam, CP, Shannon LJ, Jarre A. 2018. Applying a decision-tree framework in support of an ecosystem approach to fisheries: IndiSeas indicators in the North Sea. ICES Journal of Marine Science ICES Journal of Marine Science, ,, published online 9 Dec 2017.



2. Chapters in books


3. Theses

Lockerbie, EM. 2018. A decision tree framework for assessing status of exploited marine ecosystems under changing environmental conditions. PhD thesis, University of Cape Town, South Africa.


4. Mimeos / Working group documents / reports

Leadership is provided to the global Indicators for the Seas Working Group sponsored by IOC and EurOceans,


Members of the SARCHI ME&F group contribute regularly to scientific working groups at DAFF:Fisheries and DEA:Oceans and Coasts, as well as their task teams and related workshops.