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Publications 2021

1. Papers in peer-reviewed journals

1.1 Papers published in 2021


Duggan GL, Jarre A, Murray G. 2021. Learning for change: Integrated teaching modules and situated learning for marine social-ecological systems change. The Journal of Environmental Education.

Gammage LC, Jarre A. 2021. Scenario-based approaches to change management in fisheries can address challenges with scale and support the implementation of an ecosystem approach to fisheries management. Frontiers in Marine Science 8:600150.

Lyttle CT, Rautenbach C, Backeberg B, Jarre A. 2021. An analysis of high-resolution modelled wave heights along the South African south coast suggests recent deterioration of sea state. Fisheries Oceanography

Shannon LJ, Waller, L. 2021 A cursory look at the fishmeal/oil industry from an ecosystem perspective. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9.

Stephenson R, Hobday A, Allison E, Armitage D, Brooks K, Bundy A, Cvitanovic C, Dickey-Collas M, de Miranda Grilli N, Gomez C, Jarre A, Kaikkonen L, Kelly R, Lopez R, Muhl E-K, Pennino M-G, Tam J, van Putten I. 2021. The quilt of sustainable ocean governance: a reference point for practitioners. Frontiers in Marine Science 8:630547.

Steyn C, Shannon LJ., Blamey LK. 2021. Changes in food-web structure and energy flow in kelp forest ecosystems on the south-west coast of South Africa following the invasion of Jasus lalandii. Food Webs 28 (2021) e00200.




1.2. Papers accepted for publication / in press


Ward CD, Cundill-Kemp G, Midgley GF, Jarre A. Drawing on diverse knowledge systems to enhance local climate understanding in the southern Cape, South Africa. Ecology & Society (in press, July 2021).

Gammage LC, Jarre A, Mather C. Failing to plan is planning to fail - lessons learnt from a small-scale scenario planning process with marginalized fishers from South Africa's southern Cape. Ecology & Society (accepted for publication, August 2021). 



2. Chapters in books



3. Theses



4. Mimeos / Working group documents / reports

Leadership is provided to the global Indicators for the Seas Working Group sponsored by IOC and EurOceans,


Members of the SARCHI ME&F group contribute regularly to scientific working groups at DAFF:Fisheries and DEA:Oceans and Coasts, as well as their task teams and related workshops.