Sven Ragaller (MSocSci)

Sven completed his Masters in Social Anthropology working with small pelagic fishers in Gansbaai. His thesis “Misunderstandings in Fisheries: An ethnography of regulative categories and communication around Gansbaai and Dyer Island” looked at the small pelagic fishery from the perspective of Gansbaai’s fishers and how the fishery has changed since 1994.

This lead on to work with Astrid Jarre and Larry Hutchings, around the West Coast small pelagic fishery and its social, economic and climatic regime shifts over the last century.

More recently Sven has been running a project looking at the management of the African penguin nature reserve at Stony Point, Betty’s Bay. His ethnographic approach focuses on relationship management between residents, visitors, managers and penguins. The project aims to inform a new management plan for the reserve and help implement these changes to strengthen the reserve and ensure its sustainability through a strong social program that enables biodiversity conservation and financial independence.